Remove the image background/knockout (clipping path)

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If you are not professional retoucher then, what is good in spending hours on image editing when it gives you almost nothing. As an image editing service provider Clipping Path photo, knows the value of your time, that’s why we offer you high quality affordable image editing services, so that can you put your time into marketing and stay ahead of your competitors in a competitive market. Hire us today.

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If you are a commercial or fashion photographer or an online retailer and your will require following one or more; image without background, product or model placed on perfectly white background, clean or replaced background. To do so one can follow thousands combined ways of Photoshop masking and brushing techniques, and among the automated tools and techniques clipping path by pen tool prevails.  Though clipping path using pen tool is not as fast as available automated and technical techniques, still the most effective post processing method but time consuming.

Usability of Image Cut Out /Knock Out

Clipping path using the pen tool; most effective way to define the hard edges of the image. Basically tracing around the product or model and placing it on the desired background; is the overall procedure of clipping path. It gives control over correction and enhancement, adjustment, readjustment, drag and drop wherever you want, in what format of the image you want.

Though in a way Clipping Path using the pen tool is meticulous on the other way it is also time consuming whenever comes a large batch of image processing. Moreover, clipping path requires excellence over the pen tool and it takes a long time practice.

Clipping Path Photo basically focuses on clipping path to remove or to alter or to change the color of background, since it is most effective way to do the job. We bring balance between quality and time by employing over 30 graphic designers each of them has over 3 year experiences. So we can ensure in time quality job for you.