Drop shadow and reflection; add a new dimension to images

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What to do when you need to cast drop shadow or the dropped shadow is not realistic enough in your image? Shading and reflection; brings forth depth-ness and realism, texture, defines objects, distance and direction of the light from the object in an image. When you composite image on new or clean background it is essential to look it real. Perfectly placed shadow and reflection brings back the originality, and also for product image shadow and reflection give the stunning look. Clipping Path Photo creates drop shadow in your composite images to make those realistic and stunning.
Shading and reflection in the image verily depends on light source, direction, distance, direction and even on the intensity of light. And therefore length, direction, degree, smoothness and hardness, texture and color of shade and reflection varies, time to time. Here in Clipping Path Photo, shadow and reflection creation goes under through the workflow of following the rules of light and color along with image analysis. Clipping Path Photo strives to beauty and naturalism of the image by following industry standard workflow; Photoshop tools and techniques with adept designers.
Deep understanding of natural light and studio light setup and characteristic of casting shadow; make the process of creating shadow or reflection easier. And here, in Clipping Path Photo we have image analysts along with Photoshop professionals who have photography background.
Clipping Path Photo offers image editing services like; clipping path, complex selection and masking, shadow and reflection creation, image retouch. Moreover, Clipping Path Photo follows that post processing workflow for product and commercial photography; what can create such stunning images; that every image adds more values to the business.